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We’ve been a proud supporter of “green building” for more than a decade.  In fact, we saw so much promise in green building we became a distributor for Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s) back in 2003.  We’ve been working and promoting ICF construction since then.  ICF structures are superior to conventional “stick frame” construction in numerous categories:

Indoor Comfort– ICF walls improve the interior environment by eliminating moisture intrusion, managing air flow, allowing for accurate climate control and sound mitigation.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency– ICF’s address all three thermal transfer properties that define the energy efficiency of a building.

  1. Conduction-High R-value of R-23.5
  2. Convection-Air tight wall with an ACH of .04-.09
  3. Radiation-High thermal mass of concrete

Safer Structure– Proven to withstand the forces of nature like hurricanes and tornados.
Approved for combustible and non-combustible construction and up to a 4-hour fire rating.

We proudly distribute Fox Blocks ICF’s and their associated products. We chose Fox Blocks due to their superior design and durability, excellent technical resources, customer support, and competitive pricing.  EXPECT A BETTER BUILDING, USE FOX BLOCKS!


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Building your ICF Home part one

Starting to place Block

Framing the Openings

Completing Block Placement


Floor Attachment

Fox Blocks Education


50%+ By Weight Recycled Content
Eco-Friendly Is The Right Thing to Do
Adds Credit Points for LEED Buildings


Proven Energy Efficiency
Increases Personal Savings while Reducing
Environmental Impact
Cost Effective to Own and Operate


Constant Room Temperatures
Healthier to Live and Work In
No More Drafts or Cold-Hot Spots


A Very Quiet Home/Work Environment
Increased Personal Health
Less Sound Issues when Located in High Traffic Areas


Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Walls
A Protection Barrier for You and Your Family
Proven to be Safer in High Wind & Seismic Areas


Environmentally Friendly Buildings
Energy Savings is a Top Priority for Resale
Resistant to Mold and Other Water Maintenance Issues


Walls Provide Up to a 4-Hour Fire Resistance Rating
ICF Walls Better Protect Occupants from Windblown Debris

Fox Blocks Blog

Build a Better Commercial Building With These 13 Tips

Build a Better Commercial Building With These 13 Tips

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall system creates a structurally sound and long-lasting commercial building that protects the developer's investment by saving money during and after construction.A recent study predicts that by 2050, commercial building...

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